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Awards and Reviews

MCH's Physical Chemistry won ComputEd Gazette's Eddie Award for best post-secondary science program.

MCH was the proud winner of PhysLink.com's prestigious "Best Science Software Award" for most outstanding physics tutorial.

Click here for the latest review, done by CM, the Manitoba Library Association.


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MCH has been reviewed by all these recognized medias:

Our Organic Chemistry CD-ROM was recently reviewed by The Journal of Chemical Education leading to quotes such as "I know of no aid available in any format that will better enable students to learn the mechanistic aspects of organic chemistry."* You can view the outstanding results by clicking here.

Check out the Journal of Chemical Education website.


The UK's Learning & Teaching Support Network (LTSN) had their Physical Sciences experts review our product and they describe General Chemistry 5.0 as "a stimulating package that uses a variety of teaching styles and constantly prompts the user to think". We received 5 out of 5 stars in the following categories: ease of use, ease of learning and usefulness to student.


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Our General Physics CD-ROM was recently awarded the "Best Science Software Award" from the PhysLINK.com physics resource web site. You can view the constructive review it received by clicking here.

Check out the PhysLINK website.


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See the review for all our science tutorials.

Or browse the site and search for "MHC" reviews. Oops, they got the name wrong!


gave very positive reviews to all of our tutorials. They rate them as Highly Recommended to both students and teachers. Here are some quotes from their review:

"MCH hits the nail on the head with these science tutorials!

These tutorials are great for teachers, as they can be used to supplement existing texts and lectures. Having a hard time explaining Newton's Laws? No problem, there is a great tutorial here that shows every aspect of force...

These would work wonderfully in a classroom lecture setting, or individually at computer work stations.

As a teacher, this would be a WONDERFUL resource to have when giving lectures.

As a student, it's a great way to study concepts discussed in class, get a leg up on the other students, and do some self-initiated exploration.

This program IS for the student or teacher who wants a fantastic tool to teach or learn difficult science concepts.

This would be a great addition to any high school AP or honors classroom, high school homeschool setting, or college level science classroom. "

Read the Physical Chemistry review, or the review for all our other products.


The Montreal Gazette

On the 25th of June 2002, Reisa Klein, from The Gazette in Montreal, published a very interesting article about Houghton Mifflin and MCH's Physical Chemistry.


Teachers said:

"The Chemistry CD is an excellent supplement to essentially any standard first year chemistry text and may even someday replace a text book altogether.."

"I've tried all the Chemistry tutorial software out there, and your's is the best there is.."


What McGill University Students said about MCH Multimedia tutorials:

"The combination of animated pictures with voice and text helped me understanding a lot!"

"The derivation of formulas with animation, showing where each expression fits in really helps"

"Allowed me to go through class material slowly, at my own pace, going back and forth to make sure I understood"

"The CD is very comprehensive and easy to follow and complemented the course very well"

"I liked the fact that if I missed a lecture, the material was on the CD, and it is great for studying for exams"

"The CD is an excellent and well developed supplementary study tool"


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